The summer is always a busy time in the world of monster trucks, and that’s no different for the Crushstation camp.

Lumberjack Monster Truck - Englishtown 2017

(Photo By: Austin Akins – Austin Akins Photography)

The team recently visited Englishtown, New Jersey’s Old Bridge Township Raceway Park for their annual Night of Thrills. The venue usually plays host to NHRA drag racing, but on this night it would be a different breed of horsepower on display as the Crushstation and Lumberjack took on a strong field of trucks and put on a great show for the fans. The flying lumber hauler of Lumberjack didn’t make it too far in the racing bracket, but the fans saw a solid freestyle performance in its first ever visit to the track. For Greg Winchenbach and the Crushstation, they would have an awesome night of action as they would get to the final round of racing. It would be a close race but Winchenbach would come up just short of the racing win on this night. In freestyle the Crushstation got some nice air over the cars and had the fans in Englishtown on their feet and cheering to finish up a great night.

Crushstation Monster Truck - Englishtown 2017

The Crushstation getting some nice air over the crush cars in Englishtown during freestyle. (Photo By: Austin Akins – Austin Akins Photography)

The Crushstation team was back in action this past weekend in Springfield, Missouri with the Monstah Lobstah and Lumberjack ready to put on a great show at the Ozark Empire Fair. It was the team’s first visit to the area since 2011 and the fans in Springfield were excited to see the Crushstation again, as well as their first time seeing the Lumberjack. The wheelie competition saw Winchenbach do one of his patented tail plants with a great wheelie to start off the night. Freestyle was where the Crushstation would shine on this nice, with a great run from Winchenbach that culminated with a wild finish. Winchenbach rode out a long wheelie before the truck tipped to the left and over on its side. Both truck and driver would be fine and the crowd was cheering for the Monstah Lobstah’s performance.

Crushstation Monster Truck - Springfield 2017

The Monstah Lobstah Crushstation riding out a wild wheelie just moments before rolling over. (Photo Courtesy of Danny Maass – Maass Media)

The schedule doesn’t slow down this month as the team will be in Farmington, Missouri for Monster Truck Throwdown on Thursday and Friday before heading to Joliet, Illinois for the annual Monster Mayhem event at Route 66 Raceway.