For the past few summers the Bottom Feeder Motorsports crew have traveled out to Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort for their annual Monster Truck Madness event with the Monster Truck Throwdown tour. The event has been one of the favorite’s of the entire Crushstation team and one that driver and owner Greg Winchenbach has wanted to bring home some hardware from for each year. The Monstah Lobstah has been fast in racing the past two years, but each time their racing campaign ended with a wild rollover against Devin Jones and the Barbarian in the semi-finals. For 2016, Winchenbach was determined to not let it happen again and bring home a racing trophy and maybe even the freestyle trophy as well.

Another story for the team coming into this year’s event would be Jeremy Hosman piloting Lumberjack for the Bottom Feeder Motorsports team on this weekend. The driver of Wreckless Drivin had proven himself to be a talented and capable driver and the team needed someone to step in and drive for the prestigious event. Hosman was excited to get a chance to drive the all new truck and to perform in his home state of Michigan.

crushstation-monster-truck-madness-7-2On Saturday the team got into action for the event as they were set to duke it out against 8 of the best trucks and drivers the Monster Truck Throwdown tour had to offer. Winchenbach and the Crushstation got off to a strong start with a great qualifying pass on the massive and grueling racing course. Hosman and the Lumberjack would turn in a respectable run for his first time behind the wheel of the truck at one of the toughest tracks ever created. In racing though it would be Winchenbach and the Crushstation to beat as they worked their way through the bracket to the final round. The match up would pit the Crushstation against Heavy Hitter for the trophy and the prize money. It would be a heated battle as both trucks were on the ragged edge throughout the race. On the final straightaway Winchenbach had a slight lead coming out of the turn and was fully committed with his foot to the floor. The truck took a sideways bounce over the roller before the final jump over the bus, but Winchenbach wouldn’t dare lift and give up his chance at the win as he went across the finish line sideways to the victory before rolling over in spectacular fashion back onto all four tires. Despite the crash Winchenbach was elated as he finally won after the trophy had eluded him so many times before.

lumberjack-monster-truck-madness-7After some quick repairs to the Crushstation it was time for freestyle where another trophy would be up for grabs. Hosman and Lumberjack would be the first of the Bottom Feeder Motorsports team to hit the track and Hosman would do a great job of getting the competition going early. His run saw some nice air and a couple sky wheelies to highlight his run. While the Monstah Lobstah might’ve been down a claw following the racing rollover, that wouldn’t slow down Winchenbach in freestyle as he got right after it with a couple nice sky wheelies to start out his run. As to be expected he also stood the lobster on its tail for some big slap wheelies and got some big air too. It would be a strong run from Winchenbach, but not quite enough to defeat good friend Jim Koehler and Avenger.


All in all it would be a great weekend for the Bottom Feeder Motorsports team and an awesome start to the summer season. A big thanks to all of our sponsors and crew for their help in making such a big win happen. Also thanks to all the fans for your continued support!