The new season got underway for the Bottom Feeder Motorsports camp as the Crushstation and Lumberjack visited the Greensboro Coliseum in North Caroline for their first events of 2016. The two show weekend had some solid results for the team as Greg Winchenbach and the Crushstation put up some strong performances in the wheelie and donut contests. For Lumberjack, it was Mike Thompson piloting the truck this weekend and getting plenty of eyes on the unique look to the Monster Logger.


All in all it was a solid start to the new year for the team as they spend the next several weeks performing in many events during first quarter. Our next stop brings the team to familiar confines as we head to Albany, New York’s Times Union Center for a two show weekend. We’ve had plenty of wins in Albany and looking to bring home some more. Be sure to check us out online by following our social media pages. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram for all the latest on the Crushstation and Lumberjack monster truck team. Also check out our merchandise store for all your Crushstation gear so you can represent the team when we’re in your town!

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