Over the weekend the world saw the unveiling of the all new Bottom Feeder Motorsports monster truck named Lumberjack! The teammate truck to the Crushstation has been under construction for a couple years now and was just recently finished up in time for a display over the weekend. Team owner Greg Winchenbach is excited for the Lumberjack to see it’s first on track action in just two weeks with Monster Truck Throwdown at the Windsor Fair.

“There’s no doubt that everyone knows I’m proud to call Maine home and will always be thankful for the people that have stuck by our side throughout the years”, said team owner Greg Winchenbach. “Besides lobstering, Maine’s second largest occupation is logging. This truck is a salute to the fellow blue collar Maine families!” he finished.

The Lumberjack is an awesome new addition to the Bottom Feeder Motorsports team who are known for their over the top concept designs and creativity. Be sure to check back here and on our Facebook for more updates on the Crushstation and Lumberjack monster trucks. Don’t forget to come see us in action with the debut of Lumberjack at the Windsor Fair September 5th and 6th!