The 2014 season is officially underway and “The Monstah Lobstah” is already putting the claws to the competition. The first event of the new year would take place just down the road from home as Monster Jam invaded the Cross Insurance Center for the very first time. Three big shows with some tough competition, but those of you who know Greg Winchenbach and Crushstation know that there is no backing down, especially when performing in front of our great Maine fans.


The year got off to an incredible start Friday night as Greg would power Crushstation to the wins in the first two competitions, taking wheelies and working through the brackets to win racing. The night would still end will, with runner-ups in both donuts and freestyle.

Saturday kicked off with a great Pit Party and afternoon event, with Greg once again putting Crushstation in victory lane in wheelies and racing. After once again coming in 2nd in donuts and freestyle, Greg and crew chief Michael Thompson went to work preparing the truck to let it all hang out for the final show of the weekend.


The team was determined to try and sweep wheelies and racing for the whole weekend, and with some incredible efforts, that’s exactly what Greg was able to do. After once again falling just short in donuts with another 2nd place and only one competition left, the focus was placed solely on grabbing the final freestyle of the weekend. Following an action-packed run featuring wheelies, donuts and lots of momentum, there would be no denying victory for The Monstah Lobstah as Greg took the win.


The team would like to say a special thanks to all of our great fans and sponsors who make it all possible. We couldn’t have imagined a much better start to 2014 than taking 7 wins and 5 runner-ups in 12 competitions against some of the top Monster Jam trucks in the business. Next up, we’re off to a huge event at Detroit’s Ford Field – wish us luck!

(Photos Courtesy Derek Ingalls)