Crushstation Starting 2015 Wheelie Strong in Manchester

The new year is already upon us as Greg, Mike, and the Bottom Feeder Motorsports gang made the trip down to Manchester, New Hampshire’s Verizon Wireless Arena for their first Monster Jam of 2015. The refreshed Crushstation was ready to do what it does best and make some mayhem in Manchester. Before the events Greg got to meet many awesome fans at the Party in the Pits where some of the fans showed up with their own Monstah Lobstah signs and creations. Friday night would be the first event of the weekend and Greg got his first win out of the way early as he planted the Crushstation’s tail into the cars with a spectacular wheelie in the wheelie contest. Round 1 of racing saw Crushstation fall to Monster Mutt Dalmatian but they would return in the semi-finals as the fast loser. Greg took advantage of the reprieve and was able to defeat Storm Damage. Greg would meet the Northern Nightmare in the final round, but come up just short of taking the victory.

On Saturday Afternoon the success in the wheelie contest continued as Greg put up another tail plant from Crushstation and stood the truck straight up and down on it’s way to victory. In racing Greg defeated Monster Mutt Dalmatian in round one before falling to Scooby Doo in the semi-finals. The donut contest saw a wicked set of cyclones laid down as the Crushstation smoked the floor with a ferocious donut. The judges would score the performance with a score of 23 which was good enough for third place. Freestyle saw some big moves with some good leaps over the cars and the van stack before Greg mixed things up with a jump in reverse over the vans! The run set the tone for the rest of the field and only Grave Digger and Northern Nightmare able to top the Crushstations score of 21 for a third place.

Electrical issues Saturday night started early during the event when crew chief Mike Thompson discovered the culprit, the magneto. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time for repairs and the Crushstation would be sidelined for the rest of the night. The team has headed back to Maine to prep the truck and get ready for a trip west to Michigan as the Crushstation returns to Ford Field! Be sure to follow us online by liking us on Facebook and following us on our new Instagram account @crushstation.

Big Maine Weekend at the Windsor Fair

In front of record breaking attendance for the first ever Monster Truck Throwdown at the Windsor Fair, the hometown hero Greg Winchenbach and Crushstation dominated the competition all weekend. To kick off the weekend, Maine fans witnessed one of the most incredible wheelies of the year. Greg sent Crushstation into a wild, past-vertical wheelie earning him top-honors in Saturday’s wheelie contest. Due to the incredible force of the wheelie, the skills of crew chief Michael Thompson were put on display. Mike diagnosed the ailing Monstah Lobstah and had the truck back on track, ultimately sending them to the Racing Final Round against tough competitor (and Mike’s brother) Steve Thompson in Hurricane Force. Crushstation crossed the line first in the final round, but was penalized for not hitting the final jump properly giving Hurricane Force the win. For the final competition of Saturday night, mechanical gremlins would strike as the rear steering system would fail. This wouldn’t stop Winchenbach as he maneuvered Crushstation to a freestyle win with a vertical slap wheelie and incredible save in front of the hometown fans.

Sunday’s weather forecast played havoc on all of the monster truck competitors as heavy rain fell throughout most of the show. Despite the conditions, Greg managed to slip his way to a final round appearance against Illuminator before the slick conditions and smooth driving by Illuminator bested the Monstah Lobstah. Greg would not be outdone in freestyle for the second night in a row as he drove Crushstation to a wild, freestyle championship winning run which ended in a wild rollover and a broken spindle.


“To compete at the Windsor Fair in front of so many family and friends was one of the top highlights of my career,” said team owner Greg Winchenbach. “We’ve taken Crushstation to heights unimaginable by our team and the local fans always had to read about it online or in the newspaper. Windsor is 5 miles down the road and we were able to show them live what we’re capable of.”

The team nears the ends of its impressive 2014 season with only a few shows to go. Check out the Upcoming Events schedule to see the Monstah Lobstah Team live!

Special “Blue Lobstah” Crushstation Debuts in Oxford

For many years, Bottom Feeder Motorsports team owner Greg Winchenbach has had the idea of doing a special paint scheme for the Crushstation “Monstah Lobstah” – the incredibly rare blue lobster, seldom caught by Maine fisherman. After the establishment of the wildly successful Oxford, Maine Monster Truck Throwdown event at Oxford Plains Speedway last year, Greg knew that there was finally an event to make it happen for.

With the help once again of incredibly artist Glenn Chadbourne – known for his famous artwork for Stephen King novels, and the regular painter for Crushstation – the blue lobster came to life in spectacular fashion.


“We’ve always wanted to do something special for our Maine fans – all of our monster truck fans are great, but there’s just something special for us when we can bring the “Monstah Lobstah” out for our home state fans, ” said team owner/driver Greg Winchenbach. “A lot of the drivers will do special paint schemes for the World Finals in Las Vegas, but the only place you’ll ever see the blue lobster is right here in Maine.”

Unfortunately, the debut of the truck in Oxford didn’t go quite as planned. Motor issues plagued the team throughout the Saturday night event, but hard work from crew chief Michael Thompson, and with the help of friends like Jim Koehler, Tim Mente, Brad Allen and Jeffrey Fielding, Crushstation was ready for action on Sunday.

After the rough show Saturday, Greg was bound and determined to put on a great show for the Maine fans and laid down an incredible effort in the wheelie contest, nailing down the victory.


After a solid effort in racing, Greg once again took to the track with full vengeance. In a freestyle performance that featured, wheelies, donuts and huge air, Crushstation would end the day victorious.

Despite some trials, the Oxford weekend was once again a great one for Bottom Feeder Motorsports, and the debut of the special blue lobster paint scheme was a huge success. A huge thanks to all of our incredible sponsors who help make it all possible – McLaughlin Seafood, BMRS, Rod End Supply, Castle, Viper Venom Race Fuels, Porterfield and Valley Fashions.

One more event in Maine to finish the month as the Monster Truck Throwdown returns for an event, literally just up the road – the Windsor Fair in Windsor, Maine August 30th-31st. We hope to see you fans there, it’s going to be a great show!

(photos by Cristy Smith)

Monstah Lobstah’s First Quarter Recap

The Crushstation team was on a tear for the 2014 Monster Jam season, turning heads with the wicked 3D Lobster body and earning the most wheelie contest wins than any other Monster Jam Truck in competition! “To have the most wins out of the top 150 trucks in the world says something about my team. The fans see Crushstation going vertical and planting the lobster tail, but a lot don’t see the time, dedication, and support from our sponsors behind the scenes to allow us to get these wins. I have the best team and the best sponsors in this industry; hands down”, said Team Owner and Driver Greg Winchenbach. In 10 shows in 3 months across the United States, Greg and Crushstation won 23/27 wheelie contests, which is an incredible 85% win margin.

Crushstation was introduced to new markets including Columbia, South Carolina and Hampton, Virginia where the fans were drawn to this Mutation Sensation from the state of Maine. “To see Monster Jam fans enter the arena, walk down to the show floor for the Party in the Pits, and pass right by trucks like Grave Digger and Maximum Destruction to see Crushstation humbled me. It just proves that “Crushstation Nation” is spreading in every market we race in and that we’re on the right track.” said Winchenbach. Greg went on to say, “2014 was a huge step in the direction we want to go. We were invited to be part of two Fox Sports 1 TV airings of Monster Jam and again invited to compete at the Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas, NV. The competition keeps getting tougher each year, and to be recognized by our peers for an independently funded team as a threat on the race track makes us proud and keeps us focused. We know were honing our craft and there’s only bigger and better things to come.”

The action doesn’t stop after Monster Jam as the crew has their busiest summer schedule yet. With only a few short months in the shop, Crushstation is being taken apart and reconstructed to ensure top performance. On top of everything, the team has a few tricks up their sleeve for the upcoming year, including the unveiling of a huge surprise this summer. “We don’t want to let the surprise slip just yet, but Bottom Feeder Motor Sports is growing and we can’t wait to add exposure for our sponsors on the latest creation from our Race team.” With so much happening in the growth of Bottom Feeder Motor Sports the team will finish the month of April and all of May at Monstah Lobstah HQ.

“When we started competing in the Monster Truck Industry, we believed in our concept, our people, and our drive to be the best. The last three years have only proven we are poised for bigger and better things. Countless hours spent working on Crushstation mean nothing without the people and their companies who support us. We absolutely could not do it without the support of McLaughlin Seafood, Rod End Supply, Castle Products, Brown and Miller Racing Solutions, Valley Fashion, MSD Ignitions, Porterfield Enterprises, The Monster Blog, and Ross Racing Pistons. These guys are Crushstation and Bottom Feeder Motor Sports. We strive to make them proud and continue to introduce their products to each market we compete in.” said Winchenbach. “It only gets tougher from this point forward, but I can promise you we are focused and won’t stop until we reach the top of our industry.”

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Attached are a couple of video clips to catch the Monstah Lobstah in action:

D.C. Wheelie Contest win

Albany Freestyle Win

Monster Jam 2014 – Bangor, Maine Recap

The 2014 season is officially underway and “The Monstah Lobstah” is already putting the claws to the competition. The first event of the new year would take place just down the road from home as Monster Jam invaded the Cross Insurance Center for the very first time. Three big shows with some tough competition, but those of you who know Greg Winchenbach and Crushstation know that there is no backing down, especially when performing in front of our great Maine fans.


The year got off to an incredible start Friday night as Greg would power Crushstation to the wins in the first two competitions, taking wheelies and working through the brackets to win racing. The night would still end will, with runner-ups in both donuts and freestyle.

Saturday kicked off with a great Pit Party and afternoon event, with Greg once again putting Crushstation in victory lane in wheelies and racing. After once again coming in 2nd in donuts and freestyle, Greg and crew chief Michael Thompson went to work preparing the truck to let it all hang out for the final show of the weekend.


The team was determined to try and sweep wheelies and racing for the whole weekend, and with some incredible efforts, that’s exactly what Greg was able to do. After once again falling just short in donuts with another 2nd place and only one competition left, the focus was placed solely on grabbing the final freestyle of the weekend. Following an action-packed run featuring wheelies, donuts and lots of momentum, there would be no denying victory for The Monstah Lobstah as Greg took the win.


The team would like to say a special thanks to all of our great fans and sponsors who make it all possible. We couldn’t have imagined a much better start to 2014 than taking 7 wins and 5 runner-ups in 12 competitions against some of the top Monster Jam trucks in the business. Next up, we’re off to a huge event at Detroit’s Ford Field – wish us luck!

(Photos Courtesy Derek Ingalls)